Friday, 25 July 2014

No project - just a quick update ..........

Thank you so much for all the good wishes yesterday. Sorry, there's no project from me today -  I just thought I would update you on my appointment at the Balance clinic  today.

We spent an hour and a quarter together and he THINKS I may have visual vertigo!  He has given me some exercises to do twice a day for the next three to four weeks. Just moving my eyes, then moving my head side to side and up and down.  I also need to turn full circles to the left and right.  I might make a ballerina yet with the last two exercises lol

He was extremely thorough going over the symptoms etc etc.  Apparently there is normally a trigger that sets the visual vertigo off, but we couldn't actually find it! lol  He does know by the tests and examinations that it is the right side of my brain that is affected.

He went through the exercises I will need to do which was NOT funny, and I left the medical centre walking like a drunk! lol 

He also suggested Yoga or Tai Chi - yes well, will think about that one! lol 

It is a matter of trying to retrain my brain to be in cinque with my movements, and to come off my medication so we shall see.
It was obvious that there isn't going to be a quick fix for the condition, just wish it hadn't taken 7 months to get to this stage! 

Hopefully I will have something crafty for you tomorrow, thank you again for your good wishes, it means a lot xxxx



Linda Simpson said...

Thank you for the update Jane. I hope you do your exercises and manage to retrain your brain to be in cinque with you movements. Have a wonderful weekend and take care.
Bigs Hugs
Linda xxx

Cumbrianlass said...

I hope the exercises do help you Jane, Hope you have a fab weekend.
Janet xxx

Kate M said...

Here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery! Take care.

KarinsArtScrap said...

Have a speedy revovery Jane, hope to see you back tomorrow with a card.
Gr Karin

Andree said...

I'm glad this doctor was thorough and I hope his suggestions work for you.
I told you a leotard would come in handy, and now you'll have to buy a tutu as well.
Big hugs xx

aussie aNNie said...

Vertigo is NOT nice, I used to get it when under severe stress and yes you look and feel like a drunk looks...I would try and get up out of bed and the room spins and fall back down again...high BP can do it too...take care of yourself Jane, rest and don't worry about comments, not good for vertigo...thinking of you.xxxx
♥aNNie The Journey is the Start

Em Louise Fairley said...

Thanks for the update Jane. I have some balance issues too, so totally understand what you're going through. I hope the exercises help and you get to feeling better.

Em x
Creative Em

Tracy said...

Oh Jane :( at least you now know. Yoga and tai chi are both brilliant and i highly recommend them. Sending hugs xxx

Avril Ann said...

Well Mum, you get those exercises, so that we can get to Ally Pally, I love Yoga, so relaxing...also sorry having a wee chuckle at the drunk walking, love ya xxx

Gwyneth said...

Sounds like you had quite a day of it, but if it means that these exercises will ease or stop your symptoms then it will be worth it.

Samantha K said...

glad to hear they are finally getting it sorted, big hugs xx

Judith Taylor - Wright said...

Hi Jane and gosh what a lot to put up with hun sorry that u have this to deal with xxx been adoring your lovely makes and thank you so much for supporting my blog during my much needed family break - very much appreciated sending warmest hugs Judith xxx

Jennifer Johnston said...

Hi Jane, so pleased to hear you now know what the cause is. Hope the exercises help, not a nice feeling! Take good care of yourself.
Big Hugs Jennifer xx

Samantha K said...

What an absolutely gorgeous card xx