Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Have got to say a HUGE Thank you for all your wonderful comments yesterday xxx

Today there's something different but oh so simple to accomplish.

 I saw on TV the other day about being able to colour things with water and ink, so I thought I would have a go!  disaster struck - it didn't work as planned, obviously the person on the TV was using special ink whereas I used Alcohol Ink, or maybe I put too much water in the container.

Anyway I wasn't going to be put off so I made the polystyrene balls wet and then dropped the alcohol inks onto the balls and oh my gosh, I had coloured baubles.  So what might have been a disaster, became a happy accident!

Their all  ready now to add the ribbon. 

There is a WARNING with this technique - if you have any disposable gloves then do wear them, I think I may have inky fingers for quite a few days!!!! lol

Till next time .............

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